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  Last updated on 3rd November, 2016
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Developing the transcendent wisdom, the Prajñāpāramitā  through meditation is the only way to get enlightened. The rest of the five pāramitās are merely endeavors to support the attainment of this sixth pāramitā.

~ Jetsun Choegon Rinpoche ~

The Special Pujas at Dechen Choekhor
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Last updated on 3rd November, 2016
Gonpo Drupchod - The Mahakala Grand Puja (23rd-29th November, 2016)

Mahakala practices were taught by Lord Buddha Sakyamuni in the tantra teachings. The Four-armed Mahakala, the main among the eight manifestations of Mahakala,  is a completely enlightened Bodhisattvas manifested in the form of a wisdom Dharma protector. 

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It is said in the Tantra that when Lord Buddha meditates under the bodhi tree, just right before He attains enlightenment, the power and wisdom that arose in His mind, and through it, He manifested to defeat and overcome the immense hindrances, negative forces and evil spirits, is the Mahakala -->  read more ...

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