Choegon Rinpoche's 2016 LOSAR Message
  Last updated on 8th February 2016
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Dear Dharma friends and students,

These are the greetings I composed for 2016 Tibetan New Year. It's not very poetic nor beautiful, but it contains the essential message of the Eightfold Noble Path taught by Lord Buddha  -->  read more ... 

The Special Pujas at Dechen Choekhor
Public Blessings and Empowerment at Nangchen Garh
The Reunion of Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche and Adeu Yangsi Pema Choegyal
The Meeting with Gyalwang Drukpa at Druk Amitabha
Last updated on 2nd February, 2016
The Healing Grand Puja of Medicine Buddha (16-18th March 2016)

Seeing the intense ordeals and sufferings of beings, the Buddha of Medicine vowed to help all after he attained complete enlightenment. He made twelve great vows upon his initial generation of bodhicitta, so as to relieve and finally eradicate all physical and mental suffering of beings, and lead them to liberation from this ever painful and tricky samsaric existence.

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The Buddha Medicine teaching was expounded by Lord Buddha at the request of Bodhisattva Manjushri to fulfill his compassionate motivation and wishes to bring about the means of purifying obscuration in general, particularly the means of eradicating the sickness of beings. The practice of Buddha Medicine is said to be especially effective and swift in the time of degeneration. As taught in the Sutra of the Medicine Buddha, there are tremendous benefits and immense blessings in meditating upon Him, recollecting and reciting His name, and supplicating Him -->  read more ...

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