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The Special Days and Sacred Months in Tibetan Buddhism

As I said before, generally there are a lot of special days and months in the Vajrayana practices according to the Tibetan lunar calendar.

(I) The Special Days of Each Lunar Month:

The particular special days of each month, are the 8th, full moon and30th, which correspond to the sacred day of Medicine Buddha, Buddha Amitabha, and Buddha Shakyamuni respectively.

These 3 days are special even for general Buddhist. It's very important for everyone, to try not to consume meat on these blessed days. Do more Dharma practices, read Sutras and engage in more virtuous activities will bring tremendous benefits for oneself and other.

(II) The Sacred Months of Lord Buddha's Enlightened Activities:

There are four main anniversaries of Lord Buddha in the Vajrayana tradition. It's known as "Düchen" in Tibetan, means the great occasions, marking the four great deeds of the Buddha.

The entire month of which these special days fall on are especially sacred and blessful; and does not confine to that particular mentioned day only. However, the multiplication effects are highest on the actual day itself, for which, the consequences of every action, positive or negative, are multiplied to one-hundred-million times.

1) Chötrul Düchen - The Great Miracles Day:

The first is Chötrul Düchen, which falls on the First full moon of the Tibetan lunar year, celebrates the time when the Buddha is said to have displayed a different miracle each day, from the first to the fifteen day, to heighten faith and devotion of his disciples as well as to convince and inspire heretics.

The leaders of the main philosophical schools of those days, wished to challenge Lord Buddha and expressed to the King their intentions of holding a contest of miraculous powers with the Buddha. The King, with deep faith and reverence, conveyed the request to Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha agreed, and the contest began on the first day of the new year, lasted for fifteen days. The Buddha displayed a different miracle each day for fifteen consecutive days, and, completely defeating all his opponents, further deepen the faith of his followers, and inspired many to follow the Dharma.

* Chötrul - miracle     * Düchen - great event

2) Saga Dawa Düchen - The Great Day of the Sacred Fourth Month:

The next, on the Fourth full moon of Tibetan lunar calendar, is Saga Dawa Düchen, which is a four-fold celebrations to remember the Buddha's miraculous conception, birth, enlightenment, and Mahaparinirvana.

a) The Birth of Lord Buddha:

According to the scriptures, Lord Buddha's birth actually took place on the 7th day of the fourth month. He was wondrously born from the right side of his mother, Queen Maya, accompanied by many auspicious signs and amazing occurrences. He then took seven steps in each of the cardinal directions and was said to declare himself to be the Enlightened One, the Lord of the World. Every step where his feet touch the ground, magnificent lotus flowers sprung up. All main gods and local deities came and prostrated before him.

b) The Miraculous Conception of Lord Buddha:

Lord Siddhartha miraculous conception occurred on the 15th day of the same month. "The Buddha was conceived into the womb of his mother, Mayadevi by taking the form of a holy White Elephant, descending directly from the Tushita Heaven, and entering the womb immaculately.

c) The Great Enlightenment of Lord Buddha

As with the Buddhas of the past, and all future Buddhas, Lord Buddha Sakyamuni demonstrated unsurpassable perfect enlightenment in Bodhgaya. This great attainment also falls on the 15th day of the 4th month. At that time, he was 35 of age. According to Vajrayana, Lord Buddha has attained enlightenment long before he appeared in this world as the fourth Buddha to demonstrate the complete path to enlightenment with an ordinary human body. Prior to this, for eons, he has come to this world in countless different manifestations to benefit beings.

d) The Passing of Lord Buddha into Mahaparinirvana:

In the town of Kushinara, Lord Buddha passing into Mahaparinirvana at the age of 83. Even though the Dharmakaya expression of the ultimate enlightenment has no coming nor going; to instill the sense of seriousness, diligence and self-responsibility for liberation in his followers, the Buddha ended his physical presence in this world by demonstrating the "dying" processes of a transcendent human life.

* Saga - million    * Dawa - moon, month     * Saga Dawa - Vaishakha (Sanskrit); the name of the fourth month in Tibetan lunar calendar.

3) Chökor Düchen - The Great Time of the First Turning of the Dharma Wheel:

And the third is Chökor Düchen, which commemorates the Buddha's first sermon concerning the Four Noble Truths at the Deer Park in Sarnath near Varanasi. According to the scriptures, Lord Buddha has three main occasions of turning the Wheel of Dharma, at three different times and locations, to three distinct assemblage of disciples, which later being categorized as the three levels teachings of Lord Buddha, i.e.: the Hinayana, the Mahayana and the Vajrayana.

* Chö - Dharma      * Kor - wheel (turning)

4) Lhabab Düchen - The Descent from Tushita Heaven:

The last festival commemorates the descent of Lord Buddha from the Tushita Heaven back to the earth of this world on the 22nd day of the 9th month; after completing the teachings to his mother who has taken rebirth there shortly after he was born.

(III) Significance of these Festivals:

These are the four grand Buddhist festivals commemorating the four major events and consist part of the eight great deeds in the life of the Buddha, according to the traditions of Vajrayana. On these four sacred days, the effects of an action, positive or negative, are multiplied one hundred-million times. It has become part of the Tibetan Buddhist culture to engage in virtuous activities and extensive prayers on these days.

* Lha - gods     * Bab - descent

(IV) The One-Hundred Million Multiplier Days in 2014


The Great Festival of

Tibetan Lunar Calendar

Western Calendar


Chötrul Düchen

The Great Miracles Day

The 15th day of the

First Month

16th March, 2014


Saga Dawa Düchen

The Great Day of the Sacred Fourth Month

The 15th day of the

Fourth Month


13th June, 2014


Chökor Düchen

The Great Time of the First Turning of the Dharma Wheel

The 4th day of the

Sixth Month


31st July, 2014


Lhabab Düchen

The Descent from Tushita Heaven

The 22nd day of the

Ninth Month


13th November, 2014



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