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Today's people are truly fortunate as there is a vast availability of Buddha's teachings of various vehicles and traditions, which has the power to inspire, enlighten and transform the human minds; quenching their inner thirst in search of the higher truth and deeper insights. However, what the modern practitioners lacking, is not Dharma, but the authentic way of practicing it, internalizing its deeper meaning and merging it into one's daily life.

To facilitate the readers, the collective of teachings here, are arranged according to a specific category. From time to time, additional teachings shall be added to the relevant category. Many readers appreciate this way of teaching presentations as they can access to the compilation of teachings in one place rather than trying to find the required teachings that scattered all over. The categories will be expanded as we continue to transcribe more teachings of Rinpoche.

Latest Teachings:
Choegon Rinpoche conducts Special Pujas at Dechen Choekhor.jpg
Short Bardo Teaching & How One can Help a Dying Person?
A number of students have posted the similar questions on how they can offer genuine help during those challenging time when their family, freinds or loved ones is very sick or in the dying bed ...
More Teachings:
Choegon Rinpoche with his root guru, the 8th Adeu Rinpoche.jpg
Guru - the Source of Blessings
From the Vajrayana perspective, nothing is more important than finding the right guru. Traditionally, people spent months and years to examine a master before finally decided to learn and practice under his guidance and blessings  --> read more ...


Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche conferring Teachings 18.jpg
On Dharma - the Teachings of Buddha
The word Dharma carries distinctive meanings to the different group of individuals with diverse religious beliefs. As a general notion, whatever one does, says or thinks, conforming with a predefined set of principles of righteousness --> read more ...


Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche conferring Teachings 2.jpg
Refuge - the Doorway to Buddhism
Refuge is the first step one taken to enter the Buddhist practices. Many people disregard the importance of refuge, but crave only for the higher teachings. Without proper understanding and inner experience of refuge, one's practice will be very shallow  -->  read more ...


Dechen Choekhor Lhasa - Giant Buddha 3.jpg
The Special Days in Tibetan Buddhism
There are many special days in the Vajrayana tradition according to the Tibetan lunar calendar. These are the auspicious and sacred days that commemorate various deeds of Lord Buddha. Traditional, these are the days to perform special pujas or practices  -->  read more ...
Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche conferring Empowerment 2.jpg
Empowerment - the Highest Blessings
In Vajrayana, empowerment is considered as the highest blessings a Lama could offer, where he supplicate with fervent yearning devotion to all the Enlightened Lineage Masters from his root guru up to Buddha Vajradhara --> read more ...


Biggest Buddha Amitabha in Nangchen.jpg
Parinirvana Anniversary vs Birthday
In Vajrayana, parinirvana is not seen as a death day, but is being contemplated as an enlightened day. Birthday, is just a day marking the appearing of someone in this world. From the mundane perspective, birth is celebrated as a joy day --> read more ...


Drukpa Kargyu Refuge Tree.jpg
The Ngondro Teachings
The Mahamudra Preliminaries. Preliminary means in order to understand Mahamudra, to meditate on it; our body, speech and mind have to be cleaned. It's like a container. If the container is dirty, we cannot put anything in it,  -->  read more ...


Drukpa Kargyu Refuge Tree.jpg
The Ngondro Q & A
In the ancient India and Tibet, there is no such practice called Ngöndro or the fourfold hundred-thousand practices of The Preliminaries. The practitioners of that time are much more diligent and fervent in their quest for Dharma  -->  read more ...
Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche conferring Teachings 5.jpg
Supporting a Dharma Event
Supporting an authentic Dharma event is an effective and swift way to accumulate enormous merits. After confirming on the genuineness of the organization and activities, engage oneself with the right motivation and attitude is equally important --> read more ...


Life Release in Malaysia.jpg
Short Teaching on Life Releases
Many of Rinpoche students are keen on learning about the authentic Dharma approaches in life releases, and we are indeed very fortunate to have Rinpoche explained in brief the authentic and yet simple ways to perform life release --> read more ...


Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche conferring Teachings 12.jpg
The Sacred Relics and Holy Places
The holy places of Lord Buddha and the relics of enlightened beings possess enormous blessings and power arising from their enlightenment. Relics represent the living soul, the Dharmakaya form of the master  -->  read more ...


07-Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche conferring Buddha Vajrasattva Empowerment to Rinpoches, Tulkus, monks, nuns and lay devotees in Nangchen Garh..jpg
The Rituals During Empowerments
There are many rituals going on during the empowerment session. Each and every one of it has its significance and meaning. It would be very helpful if one could learn about the proper conduct and right gesture  -->  read more ...
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