Some Rinpoche Dharma Activities in Asia
Last updated on 12th December 2012

Every year, under the joint efforts of Jana Vajra Foundation and the various Buddhist organisations in India, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Nepal etc., Rinpoche actively visiting these countries to confer teachings, retreats and empowerment program according to the need of the local communities.

Some Activities in Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara:
Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara Puja:
Dechen Choekhor Puja 9.jpg
Choegon Rinpoche leading the puja or prayer rituals
Dechen Choekhor Puja 2.jpg Dechen Choekhor Puja 4.jpg
Dechen Choekhor Puja 6.jpg Dechen Choekhor Puja 5.jpg
Dechen Choekhor Puja 11.jpg Dechen Choekhor Puja 10.jpg
Dechen Choekhor Puja 8.jpg Dechen Choekhor Puja 7.jpg
Prize Awards for Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara Yearly Examination
Dechen Choekhor Exam 6.jpg
Dechen Choekhor Exam 1.jpg
Dechen Choekhor Exam 5.jpg Dechen Choekhor Exam 2.jpg
Dechen Choekhor Exam 4.jpg Dechen Choekhor Exam 3.jpg
Ngodup Palzom Hanging Lungtar in Dechen Choekhorling
Dechen Choekhor Lungtar 1.jpg Dechen Choekhor Lungtar 4.jpg
Dechen Choekhor Lungtar 3.jpg Dechen Choekhor Lungtar 2.jpg
Some Activities in Nepal:
Meeting with H.H. Gyalwang Drukpa in Druk Amitabha
Choegon Rinpoche & HH Drukchen 1.jpg
His Holiness and entourages waiting at the front yard to receiving H.E. Kyabje Choegon Rinpoche
Choegon Rinpoche & HH Drukchen 2.jpg
Rinpoche and Gyalwang Drukpa offering khata and greeting each other
Choegon Rinpoche & HH Drukchen 4.jpg Choegon Rinpoche & HH Drukchen 5.jpg
The welcoming troops lead Rinpoche to H.H. residence Rinpoche with Sengdak Yangsi Rinpoche and Gyalwang Drukpa
Choegon Rinpoche & HH Drukchen 7.jpg Choegon Rinpoche & HH Drukchen 8.jpg
H.H. Gyalwang Drukpa offers Long Life Mandala to Rinpoche H.H. Gyalwang Drukpa offers a Amitayus statue to Rinpoche
Choegon Rinpoche & HH Drukchen 18.jpg Choegon Rinpoche & HH Drukchen 20.jpg
Visiting His Holiness temple Gazing upon a giant thangka in the main shrine
Nepal Pilgrimage & Teaching Tours:
a-Choegon Rinpoche Lumbini 2.jpg a-Choegon Rinpoche Lumbini 4.jpg
Teaching his students in Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha Rinpoche and monks circumbulate the Maya Devi Temple
1-Choegon Rinpoche Maratika 2.jpg 1-Choegon Rinpoche Maratika 26.jpg
Students offer Long Life Prayer to Rinpoche at Maratika Cave Rinpoche &monks lead the lamp offering at Maratika Cave
c-Choegon Rinpoche Nepal Pilgrimage 5.jpg c-Choegon Rinpoche Nepal Pilgrimage 6.jpg
Performing puja and prayer ceremonies at Yanglesho Cave Conferring teachings at Yanglesho Cave, Pharping, Nepal.
b-Choegon Rinpoche Nepal Pilgrimage 1.jpg e-Choegon Rinpoche Nepal Pilgrimage 13.jpg
Posted with the giant dorje of Swayambhunath Walking along the main street of Kathmandul
Some Dharma Events in Hong Kong
Choegon Rinpoche & Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo in Hong Kong Drukpa Sangha-E2.jpg
Choegon Rinpoche HK2.jpg
Choegon Rinpoche HK7.jpg
Choegon Rinpoche HK10.jpg
Dharma Teachings, Grand Lifes Release & Empowerments in Malaysia
Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 1.jpg Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 8.jpg
Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 4.jpg Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 3.jpg
Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 2.jpg Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 5.jpg
Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 6.jpg Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 7.jpg
Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 9.jpg Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 10.jpg

Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 14.jpg

Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 11.jpg

Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 13.jpg

Choegon Rinpoche Life Releases 12.jpg
KL Teaching & Puja 3.jpg

KL Teaching & Puja 4.jpg

KL Teaching & Puja 1.jpg KL Teaching & Puja 2.jpg
KL Teaching & Puja 7.jpg KL Teaching & Puja 8.jpg
Ipoh Teaching & Puja 1.jpg Ipoh Teaching & Puja 2.jpg
Ipoh Teaching & Puja 3.jpg Ipoh Teaching & Puja 4.jpg

Ipoh Teaching & Puja 9.jpg

Ipoh Teaching & Puja 5.jpg

Ipoh Teaching & Puja 8.jpg

Ipoh Teaching & Puja 6.jpg

Teachings & Grand Empowerment Program in Taiwan:
more activities photos to be uploaded soon!
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