Lineage Practices
Vajrapani (Tib: Chagna Dorje)

Lineage History:

Lineage of Rechungpa.

Lineage Transmission:

Buddha Vajradhara -> Vajrapani -> Indian Mahasiddhas -> -> -> Lama Walachandra -> Rechungpa it brought to Tibet -> after number of Lineage Holders -> -> Drukpa Choegon & Drukpa Yongzin Rinpoches of Dechen Choekhorling about 500 years ago.

Deity Introduction:

Vajrapani is a Bodhisattva who represents the Power of all the Buddhas. He is the tantric aspect of the enlightened mind, transforming the energy of negative emotion into active wisdom and magical perfection. He symbolizes the indestructible Vajra-mind of all Buddhas, their power to defeat. He is the 'Lord of Secrets' (Tib: Sangwe Dagpo) - the keeper of all the Tantras of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Brief Description:

His body is dark blue in colour with a serpent garland around his neck, adorned with golden bracelets, silk scarves and ornaments of jewels and bone, and wears a lower garment made up of tiger's skin. He stands in the midst of a raging fire. His right hand holds a sky-iron Vajra, with which he conquers the planetary influences; and his left hand showing the subjugation mudra at heart level. His expression is wrathful with three eyes and a rolling tongue. Trampling upon the corpse of ego, his left leg is extended and his right leg slightly bent.

Objective & Benefits of the Practice:

The Transcendent Conqueror, Vajrapani is a means of accomplishing fierce determination and symbolizes unrelenting effectiveness in the conquest of negativity and transforms it into the path of spiritual fulfillment.  

Vajrapani practice is excellent to burn away afflictive emotions and obscuration. Through Vajrapani practice, one obtains the power to defeat and overcome the mundane and spiritual challenges including naga sickness and other grave illnesses. This attainment is incredibly powerful in helping other.

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