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Dechen Choekhor Ngakso Grand Puja (19th-23rd August, 2018)

The Ngakso Grand Puja, also known as the "Ocean of Amrita," is an extensive and elaborated puja that requires lots of preparations and rituals. This upcoming grand puja will be led by our respected and beloved master, Druk Shabdrung Choekyi Gonpo (the IX Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche).

Ngakso or Ngak-kyi Sojong, is a Vajrayana tantric tradition of mending broken samayas and purification of obscurations.

"Ngak" means Mantrayana, "So" is an abbreviation for "Sojong". "So" is referring to the 'declination' in the vows one undertakes, and must be filled up; whereas 'Jong' denotes the 'adding-up' of obscurations in one's minds caused by the breaches of samaya that have to be purified or cleanse.

What we are mending are the Pratimoksha Precepts (the vows of individual liberation), in accordance with the Hinayana system, the Bodhisattva trainings, in accordance with the Mahayana system, and the Samaya commitments, in accordance with the Vajrayana system, particularly the guru-students samaya, the samaya between vajra brothers and sisters, and the samaya of one's practices. The Ngakso restores all these commitments.

What we are purifying are the breaches of our Hinayana vows, the faults in our Mahayana training, and the violations of our Vajrayana samayas.

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Buddha Amitabha Prayer is amongst the 200 pages long Sadhana chanted during Ngakso Guru Rinpoche and His 12 Emanations Prayer is one of the main part of the Sadhana chanted during Ngakso Lord Avalokiteshvara Prayer is also part of the Sadhana chanted during the elaborate Ngakso puja

Generally, Ngakso can be understood as the Vajrayana tantric practices in mending, reviving or restoring the deteriorations, breaches, faults and downfalls of the root and branch samayas related to our body, speech and mind; and the purification or cleansing of all negative actions and obscurations resulted from not keeping the vows properly, which is the key obstacles for one to progress in their spiritual journey to enlightenment.

Consequently, to exert oneself in this tantric mending and purification is a heart-treasure for all yogis or Vajrayana practitioners.

The regular 'Sojong' practice is performed at least once a month at Dechen Choekhorling. Once a year, the Ngakso Grand Puja, an uninterrupted five to nine-day assembly of sadhana, is performed at Dechen Choekhorling and all its branch monasteries, including the Khampagar of Khamtrul Rinpoche, the Nangchen Garh of Adeu Rinpoche. For Dechen Choekhorling, the Annual Ngakso Grand Puja will be conducted in conjunction with the anniversary of the parinirvana of the 8th Adeu Rinpoche, the most instrumental root guru of present Choegon Rinpoche.

We welcome any form of contributions, voluntary works or monetary sponsorship, to support this puja of great significance and importance to the Vajrayana practitioners for the benefits of all mother sentient beings.

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