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Medicine Buddha Grand Puja (25-27th March, 2018)

The Buddha of Healing and Medicine, called 'Sangye Menla' in Tibetan or 'Bhaiṣajyaguru' in Sanskrit, depicted as the Supreme Healer, helps pacify sicknesses and torments related to both physical and mental.

Dechen Choekhor Medicine Buddha Sadhana

The Medicine Buddha sadhana we practiced were compiled by Chagme Raga Asya based on the sacred "Namchoe" or "The Sky or Space Dharma" treasure, revealed by Terton Mingyur Dorje. There are many Medicine Buddha sadhanas of various traditions. This particular one, known as "The Stream of Lapis Lazuli" is a special tantric practice, performed from the higher view of the unsurpassable tantras. It's widely practiced in the Nyingma tradition, and is regarded as one of the most effective practices of Medicine Buddha.

The Medicine Buddha Sutra

The Buddha Medicine teachings was expounded by Lord Buddha at the request of Bodhisattva Manjushri to fulfill his compassionate motivation and wishes to bring about the means of purifying obscuration in general, particularly the means of eradicating the sickness of beings. The practice of Buddha Medicine is said to be especially effective and swift in the time of degeneration.

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Twelve Extraordinary Aspirations of Medicine Buddha

Seeing the intense ordeals and sufferings of beings, the Buddha of Medicine vowed to help all after he attained complete enlightenment. He made twelve great vows upon his initial generation of bodhicitta, so as to relieve and finally eradicate all physical and mental suffering of beings, and lead them to liberation from this ever painful and tricky samsaric existence.

  1. To illuminate countless worlds with his extraordinarily luminous form of a Buddha, and inspiring any beings who sees him to attain liberation into Buddhahood just like him.
  2. To awaken the minds of beings through seeing his brilliant, lustrous and luminous body's light of lapis lazuli.
  3. To alleviate poverty and bring about prosperity for all beings.
  4. To establish the beings on the wrong paths into the path that lead to liberation, and inspire practitioners toward the Mahayana path that liberates all mother beings.
  5. To inspire morality in all beings. Through His blessing, practitioners be able to maintain morality without impairment; and ordinary beings will be reminded to return and follow the Moral Conducts, even though they have occasionally slipped.
  6. To help heal beings born with congenital deformities, sicknesses or other physical sufferings.
  7. To alleviate beings' sufferings of sicknesses and destitution, particularly those in the depths of despair.
  8. To help freeing, human beings in particular, from situations of discrimination and to achieve their desire rebirth.
  9. To help freeing beings from mental afflictions, misconceptions and delusions; and establishing them on the correct path to liberation.
  10. To free and protect the oppressed from dangers and sufferings.
  11. To relieve beings under the sufferings of extreme poverty from terrible hunger and thirst; and their agonies of constant struggling for survival.
  12. To help clothe the destitute who lack sufficient clothing from the suffering of heat or cold, the elements, and so on.


Dechen Choekhor Grand Puja - Medicine Buddha Mandala.jpg
The Mandala of the Medicine Buddha

The Benefits of Buddha Medicine Practices

As taught in the Sutra of the Medicine Buddha, there are tremendous benefits and immense blessings in meditating upon Him, recollecting and reciting His name, and supplicating Him. In fact, the benefits that accrue from devotion to the Medicine Buddha are based primarily on the twelve aspirations he made while still a bodhisattva, and most of these aspirations are connected, in one way or another, with his name. Therefore, most of the benefits connected with the Medicine Buddha can be gained by recollecting and reciting his name.

The Buddha says that men or women who possess faith, and therefore, diligence and insight, should supplicate the Medicine Buddha, should meditate upon the Medicine Buddha, and should recollect the name of the Medicine Buddha.

The inevitable life's challenges, the myriad of known and unknown illnesses and the catastrophe of unprecedented dimensions constantly testing the limits of all beings. Genuine devotion and fervent prayers to Medicine Buddha, will help relieve the emotional and physical afflictions, as well as preventing sicknesses from further tormenting our bodies and mind. In short, the practice of Medicine Buddha brings forth good health, long-life, prosperity, promotes peace and enhances the clarity of mind.

All are welcome to participate in this auspicious and beneficial event.

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