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Tibetan New Year Blessing, Long Life & Wealth Accumulation Grand Puja (20-25th Feb. 2018)

Choegon Rinpoche has specifically indicated that Chime Phagma puja should be included as one of Dechen Choekhor yearly grand puja, to benefit the Dechen Choekhor's sanghas, as well as his disciples and benefactors.

On top of that, at the earnest request of his students, Rinpoche has compassionately agreed to incorporate the secret wealth deity practice of Dechen Choekhor - The Dragon-Riding White Dzambhala - into the New Year Losar Grand Puja, to further benefit his followers and students.

The Immortal Noble Tara (Chime Phagma):

Chime Phagma, the Immortal Noble Tara, also called the Deathless Arya Tara, is the embodiment of long life and wisdom. She is renown as a dakini of swift action, and is invoked for her blessings of compassion, longevity and health.

Chime Phagma Nyingtik  (The heart essence of the Immortal Noble Tara) is a long-life  practice revealed as a mind terma by the great 19th Century Tibetan master, scholar and terton king - Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo.

This cycle of teachings is regarded as particularly profound, and was one of the main practices of many great masters, including Jamgon Kontrul, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Jamyang Khyentse Choekyi Lodro, etc.

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Dechen Choekhor practices of the Long Life Arya Tara, is based on The Chime Phagma Nyingtik, terma treasure of the great Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo The Dragon Riding White Dzambhala is a treasure terma. It's being kept as a secret practice of Drukpa Kargyu, particularly in the Dechen Choekhor Lineage


The Dragon-Riding White Dzambhala (Dzambhala Karpo):

White Jambhala or Dzambhala Karpo in Tibetan, is the compassionate manifestation of Lord Avalokiteshvara.

This particular Dragon-Riding White Dzambhala practice is a highly secret practice of Drukpa Kargyu. It's a terma teaching, revealed by the accomplished master Rigdzin Choegyal Dorje of Chi Druk Monsatery, a branch monastery Tsechu Gompa. Later, the teaching was passed on successively to the previous Adeu Rinpoche, who transmitted this practice in its entirety to the present Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche.

This practice ripens and enhances one's karma for an abundance of resources to enable the practitioners to follow the authentic Dharma path without financial related obstacles.

The beneficence of the White Jambhala is not merely to avert poverty and accumulate wealth. His mantra is also effective in curing sicknesses, purifying karmas and enhances the arisen of genuine compassion in one's mind.

Through the Wealth Puja & the blessing of White Dzambhala, one is able to increase the positive energy of good fortune, wealth as well as health and wisdom.

The Auspicious Bumjur Dawa:

Choegon Rinpoche has intentionally fixed this grand puja in the first month of the Tibetan New Year to increase its merits and thus the resulted benefits. "Bumjur Dawa" -- the Miracle Month, where Lord Buddha demonstrated miracles on each day of the first fifteen days, so as to inspire and to increase devotion in his disciples -- is a great occasion for merit accumulations. 

'Bumjur' means hundred thousand; 'Dawa' is month. Literally, it means hundred-thousand multiplying month, in which every action committed within this month, positive or negative, will be multiplied to 100,000 times. Thus, it is being regarded as an especially holy, auspicious and consequential month to restrain from all negative actions; endeavor to engage in virtuous activities and practicing Dharma more diligently. 

On the 15th day, Chötrul Düchen, the great miracle day, is being celebrated as one of the four most important dates in Tibetan Buddhism to commemorate the eight great deeds demonstrated by Lord Buddha Sakyamuni. Its multiplying effect is said to be even higher at a million times.

All are welcome to participate in this auspicious and beneficial event.

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