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The Grand Annual Drukpa Kagyu Lama Chöpa (25 May 2013)

Every year, Dechen Choekhor will conduct The Grand Annual Drukpa Kagyu Lama Chöpa (Guru Offering Puja) on the 15th day of the fourth month in Tibetan calendar, the sacred month of saga dawa.

Lama Chöpa or Guru Puja, a practice of guru devotion, is one of the most profound tantric practices of Drukpa Kagyu, consisting of making offerings to and requesting blessings and inspiration from the Lineage Masters.

In Sanskrit, lama is the guru, and chöpa means offering; Lama Chöpa can be understood as "Offering to The Lineage Masters." It's a practice of personal transformation through uniting our minds with the enligthened mind of the Lineage Masters, who are the root and spiritual essence of the lineage, in order to receive their blessings, so that their realizations will be dawn on us.

The mandala in this practice consists of Vajradhara, as the representation of all Lineage Masters of Drukpa Kagyu, surrounded by 5 wisdom Buddhas.

The samayas or the spiritual vows and commitments, which might have degenerated are restored through the practice of Tsog Offering (feast offering).

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