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Grand Puja of The 8 Great Herukas of Nyingma (3rd-9th Oct., 2018)

Every year, Dechen Choekhor will be conducting the seven-days Grand Puja of The Eight Great Herukas of Nyingma (Kagyed Drupchod) from 24th - 30th of the eighth month in Tibetan calendar.

Kagyed Drupchod of Dechen Choekhor

Kagyed or The Eight Great Herukas, are the main Yidam deities of the Nyingma lineage. These eight herukas are classified as Body, Speech, Mind, Quality, Activity, Mamo, Worldly Offerings and Praises, and Wrathful Mantras. When you divide the eight herukas, the first five are the deities representing the five wisdoms, the sixth is a half-worldly and half-wisdom deity, and the last two are worldly deities.

The Eight Great Herukas of Nyingma are:

1. Yamantaka - the deity of Enlightened body (Tib. Jampal Ku)

2. Hayagriva - the deity of Enlightened Speech (Tib. Pema Sung )

3. Vishuddha - the deity of Enlightened mind (Tib. Yangdak Thuk )

4. Vajraamrita - the deity of Enlightened Qualities (Tib. Dudtsi Yonten)

5. Vajrakilaya - the deity of Enlightened Activity (Tib. Phurba Trinley)

6. Matarah - Liberating of Mamos (Tib. Mamo Botong)

7. Lokastotrapuja-Natha - Mundane or Worldly Praises (Tib. Jigten Chotod)

8. Vajramantrabhiru - Wrathful Mantra (Tib. Mopa Dragngak)

Kagyed-the 8 Great Herukas Thangka of Dechen Choekhor practice.JPG

The Kagyed Thangka use in Dechen Choekhor Practices

The Lineage and Significance of the Practice:

Dechen Choekhor's Kagyed Sadhana is of the Minling tradition. The Kagyed is the most profound practice of the Nyingma lineage under the Mahayoga Tantra. It brings incredible blessings and power, pacify all the obstacles and magical hindrances of demons and evil spirits, helps practitioners to perfect the two accumulations and attains the common and uncommon siddis. 


All are welcome to participate in this auspicious and beneficial event.

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