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Dhemchok Druba: Chakrasamvara Grand Puja (1st-7th December, 2018)

Every year, Dechen Choekhor will be conducting the 7-days Annual Chakrasamvara Grand Puja from 24th to the 30th day of the tenth month in Tibetan calendar, in conjunction with the parinirvana anniversary of the 8th Kyabgon Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche on the 10th.

The Choegon Rinpoche Lineages is renowned as the incomparable accomplished master of Chakrasamvara and Mahakala Practices.

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Heruka Chakrasamvara (Tib: Demchok Khorlo Dompa; 'Wheel of Perfect Bliss') is a tantric meditation deity (Yidam) of the Highest Yoga Tantra (Anuttara) of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Chakrasamvara, along with Hevajra and Vajrayogini, are the three main meditation Yidam practices of the Kagyu Lineage.

Dechen Choekhor Chakrasamvara-E-R.jpg
Drukpa Kagyu Chakrasamvara Thangka of Rechung's Khandro Nyen-gyud tradition (provided by Dechen Choekhor Monastery, Kullu, India)

Chakrasamvara Practice of Drukpa Kagyu's Tradition:

In the Drukpa Kagyu Lineage, the common Chakrasamvara deity practice is in the form of the Twelve-armed Chakrasamvara, belong to the Khandro Nyengyud traditions called Chakrasamvara of 'Rechungpa's Whispered Lineage' or 'Whispered Lineage of the Dakinis' (Tib: Khandro Nyen-gyud).

Rechungpa is one of the Choegon Rinpoches' Line of Incarnations

Drawing the Chakrasamvara Mandala for Dechen Choekhor Dhemchok Grand Puja.jpg
Monks of Dechen Choekhor spend days to delicately draw out the Chakrasamvara Sand Mandala for the upcoming Seven-days Chakrasamvara Grand Puja, Dhemchok Druba in Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara

Importance of Yidam Practices:

As the saying goes:

Lama is the source of blessings (Tib: Jyin lap gyi tsawa, Lama)

Yidam is the source of accomplishment (Tib: Nyur drub gyi tsawa, Yidam)

Dakini is the source of activities (Tib: Trinley gyi tsawa, Khandro)

Yidam is the Source of Siddhis (Accomplishments). It's said that nearly all the 84 remarkable Indian Mahasiddhas attained complete enlightenment through relying on this deity. And since the time when this Tantra was introduced into Tibet, many great Tibetan masters have also accomplished perfect realizations through this practice.

The practice of Yidam is a special and profound method to quickly transform ordinary worldly samsaric deluded appearances into the extraordinary enlightened experience of the true state of all phenomena. To be more accurate, the Yidam practice uncovers the actual state of ultimate appearances which is primordially pure, empty of inherent existence and unceasing. This purity and emptiness has always been there within us, but is obscured and unseen due to our confused and deluded mind.


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