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Dechen Choekhorling Hundred Million Guru Rinpoche Mantra Recitation (31st Dec. 2012 – 25th May 2013)

The coming May 25th, is Saga Dawa Düchen, a sacred day commemorating the Anniversary of the Lord Buddha Shakyamuni's birth, enlightenment and mahaparinirvana. It is observes on the full moon day of the fourth Tibetan lunar month, which is called Saga Dawa in Tibetan.

Saga means "million"; Dawa means "moon", so the "million multiplier"' month is what it denotes. For all our activities, positive or negative, in each and every day of this auspicious month will be multiplied a million times. "Düchen" means "great occasion", and it is said that on this day the effects of actions - positive or negative - are multiplied 10 million times.

Thus, for all Vajrayana practitioners, it is a wonderful time to deepen our observance of the precepts, broaden our actions in benefiting beings, and heighten our Dharma practices. Thinking of it as the best time to plant your noble aspiration as seeds of growth for the most abundant harvest.

We encourage you to join us in accumulating the vast merits of group mantra recitation in this months-long Guru Rinpoche Dungdrup of Druk Dechen Choekhorling, which grand dedication will be held on the auspicious day of Saga Dawa Düchen.


An announcement to all Rinpoche's students and Dharma practitioners, who are looking for an opportunity to join the "Dechen Choekhor Hundred Million Annual Recitation Mantra Association" (DHARMA) to accumulate the vast merits of group mantra recitation!

Here is an auspicious occasion for you to register your participation and recitations through joining and/or sponsoring our grand annual recitation program, and be part of the DHARMA practitioners.

Rinpoche has started this program after the demise of his beloved mother in February 2011.

Rinpoche's mother had always had the vision of starting this grand recitation puja on her own, and had expressed her wishes to Rinpoche numerous times. However, due to the ongoing and incomplete Dharma projects of Rinpoche, this grand recitation program kept being delayed.

DCM Dec11_Chenrezig.jpg DCM Dec11_Buddha Amitabha Image.jpg DCM Dec11_Guru Rinpoche Image.jpg

In February 2011, sadly Rinpoche's mother suddenly passed away after a short bout of fever and cough. Rinpoche immediately worked on this project in loving memory of her, and fulfilling her noble wishes to benefit all sentient beings. In particular, she had mentioned that this recitation should be performed for the welfare of all Rinpoche's followers and Dechen Choekhor's Sanghas, who depend so much on Rinpoche for Dharma and spiritual advancement.

She used to say, "Rinpoche, I always had this dream that you could set up a yearly 'DUNGDRUP' to help all your followers". That was her very own words! Rinpoche was deeply touched and moved by her kind thought, and promised himself that he will certainly conduct several 'DUNGDRUP' a year, if not at least once every year.

So Rinpoche had finally started this program in early 2011 with 'The 100 Million Recitation of Buddha Amitabha's Mantra'; followed by 'Year 2012 Hundred Million Recitation of Lord Avalokiteshvara's Mani Mantra'. In 2013, the program continue with 'The 100 Million Recitation of Guru Rinpoche's Mantra'.

Rinpoche's mother is one of the many faithful and devoted disciples of previous Choegon Rinpoche. In her early life, she had spent years studied and practiced Dharma in Dechen Cheokhorling Tibet. She is sincerely and dearly remembered for her unshakeable faith in the Buddhadharma, her devotion to his root guru, her inner strength, her unconditional love and care for those near and far.

The starting date for the grand recitation would be on the 18th day of the eleventh month in Tibetan calendar, correspond to the anniversary of the parinirvana of Rinpoche's root guru, the 8th Kyabje Khamtrul Rinpoche (31st December 2012).

Since the Vajra Guru mantra is especially beneficial in the current time, and with the encouraging responses from participants across the world, we have extended the completion date to the 15th day of the fourth month in Tibetan calendar - The sacred day of Saga Dawa Düchen, commemorating the Anniversary of the Lord Buddha Shakyamuni's birth, enlightenment and mahaparinirvana (corresponds to 25th May 2013). According to Rinpoche, it's very auspicious and meritful to engage in virtuous activities in the whole month of Saga Dawa, particularly mantra recitation.

Recitation and relevant puja rituals will be performed continuously throughout the months long period. On top of Dechen Choekhorling Kullu, the grand recitation will be performed in more than 10 other locations, including Dechen Choekhorling Tibet and the related monasteries; Jangchubling Kinnaur and Dechen Choekhor's branch monasteries in various parts of the Himalayan Regions.

All are welcome to participate!


Below are the Brief Program Details:

Join Year 2013 Dechen Choekhorling Guru Rinpoche DUNGDRUP

Here is an auspicious occasion for you to register your participation and recitations, and be part of the DHARMA!


31st December 2012 - 25th May 2013


Dechen Choekhorling Kullu; Dechen Choekhorling Tibet and the related monasteries; Jangchubling Kinnaur and Dechen Choekhor's branch monasteries in various parts of the Himalayan Regions.


The estimated daily participants will be ranged from 50 (in smaller monasteries) to over 1000 (in larger monasteries) people per day. Total daily recitation counts shall be several hundred thousand, depending on the number of participants.

Total Fund Require:

The estimated total cost for this program is about USD 30,000. Tea and lunch will be served for all participants.

The program cost estimation for Year 2013 Dechen Choekhor Guru Rinpoche DUNGDRUP:

Number of Recitation

Estimated Cost (USD)

Number of Recitation

Estimated Cost (USD)

1 Million


10 Millions


2 Millions


25 Millions


3 Millions


50 Millions


5 Millions


75 Millions


7 Millions


100 Millions


The fund will be distributed to various monasteries that take part in this grand recitation program.

How to Participate:

Rinpoche strongly encourage all his students and followers to become part of the DHARMA ("Dechen Choekhor Hundred Million Annual Recitation  Mantra Association") either by attending the grand recitation personally or by contributing to the recitation counts from wherever you are; or by assisting the program in term of voluntary works or monetary contributions.

We welcome any amount of sponsorship. Regardless of the dollar amount, any form of generosity done with genuine intention and sincere heart, brings tremendous benefits to the participants and to the benefactor!

Kindly write to us at to register your participation.

You can either make general donation for the event or stipulate the donation to be of a specific monastery/ location, and we will ensure that the donation is used in the manner you wished.


Click here  to listen to Rinpoche chanting of Guru Rinpoche Short Prayer and to view the prayer text.

Note: This is a short prayer created for the participants of 2013 Dechen Choekhorling Guru Rinpoche Dungdrup. For those who have their own Guru Rinpoche practice text, they may recite according to their sadhana.






































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